Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hit that sh*t up: River Island's nautical stripe suit

The first time I ever I laid my eyes on this short and blazer suit I was instantly smitten. Shorts are kinda my thang and I loved the mixture of formality and fun that the co-ordinating jacket brings to the ensemble. Casual stripes in a smart cut, modernised with simple shorts instead of frumpy trosuers - mmmmmmhhmmmmm I need to get me summa that!

I just love how the look works on so many levels - great for a shopping trip with a plain tee and ballet pumps, perfect for a night out with a sheer blouse and some fuck off huge heels, or, probably the most sensible option, ideal for a job interview at a fashion-y publication (which hopefully I'll be having when I graduate in less than two months!).

My dreams of ever wearing this twin set though have been cut short due to the fact that the blazer, which along with the shorts is now in the sale, is sold out online. Gutted with a capital GAASSHH. They do however still have the shorts in my size, which are only a tenner now, but they don't really have the same striking effect without the matching blazer. I've searched two River Islands today and neither had either of the pieces in my size. I am not a happy kitty. It's going to take a lot of retail therapy to get over this deeply saddening loss - thank God it's payday tomorrow.

But just in case anyone can track down a set in Sharn size, please, hit me up.